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Ningbo Veken Veken Battery Company Limited is a professional engaged in high-tech industry, new energy lithium ion battery research and development, manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprises. The new pillar industry development as the focus group, group of companies relying on strong capital, brand and other advantages of resources, the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, embodies the senior technical experts and management team, is committed to the production of lithium battery enterprise investment and development of high-grade, high-quality, high efficiency, the international first-class. In 2017, a listed company incorporated Ningbo weikejinghua group Limited by Share Ltd company (600152), established by the "growth, the transformation of enterprises, improve the efficiency of" as the theme of the 2017-2019 three year plan, which laid a good foundation for the rapid development of a new round of company.

The modernization of the operation of the enterprise, the internationalization of the operation and the humanization of management are our basic pursuit. Company to "return, development and responsibility" as the core concept of "quality, speed, promotion, fine management" as a cultural gene, advocating innovation, passion, details, action, team spirit, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, seek social business employees win-win development.

The company will be committed to cooperation and communication with research and development departments at home and abroad, and actively promote the strategic cooperation between domestic and international counterparts. The company is willing to establish a wide range of mutual trust and cooperation with colleagues from all walks of life to jointly develop China's energy industry. cooperation and communication, and actively promote the domestic and international peer-strategic cooperation.

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